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"Together we share social responsibility to maximise inclusion of veterans and their families"


Support Veterans and those serving in the Armed Forces

Foot in Door Films Community Interest Company aims to provide education to employment (e2e) training and job opportunities for entry into the Film, Video, and TV Production Industry for military service men, women and their families.

Driven by the goal to provide support for veterans struggling to get back into a civilian working lifestyle, Michelle Billington is working alongside Liverpool and Sefton Veterans, The Royal British Legion, Everton in the Community Veterans, 156 Regiment RLC, The Northwest & Isle of Man Reserve Forces and Cadets Association to make this happen.
We’re engaging businesses, local authorities, charities and community organisations to support the forces through services, policy and projects.

There are 2 ways in which you can pledge support:

If you have not signed the Armed Forces Covenant, we can help you do so. Complete your Armed Forces Covenant here and share opportunities with us to evidence Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
If you have already signed the Armed Forces Covenant, please link your CSR with our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant through sponsorship and receive recognition and tax relief too.

Complete the Expression of Interest Form and email it to us at info@footinthedoorfilms.co.uk

Nominate a veteran or charity of your choice too.
We will include your pledge of support on our website.

CSR: Sponsor a Veteran or someone who serves or has served in the Armed Forces of the Crown and their families. Sponsorship choices include:


Through annual membership contribution
By contributing funding of training or a workshop
By contributing funding towards a community-based project
By purchasing an Employee Development Package
Through in-kind donation of materials or equipment
Donations raised through a fundraising event
We will include your logo on our promotional and workshop material. For more information, please get in touch with us. We look forward to talking with you.

Commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

As part of our commitment to veterans, x-service men and women, those serving in their armed forces including family and children, we have signed the enduring Armed Forces Covenant. This is a Covenant between the people of the United Kingdom and Her Majesty’s Government, and all those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces of the Crown and their families. We have made this commitment because we deeply value the responsibility and sacrifice that these people make to keep us all safe from harm. As members of community and society we have a moral duty to help and support those who risk their lives and freedoms for ours. Visit www.armedforcescovenant.gov.uk for more information.


“This obligation involves the whole of society: it includes voluntary and charitable bodies, private organisations, and the actions of individuals in supporting the Armed Forces. Recognising those who have performed military duty unites the country and demonstrates the value of their contribution. This has no greater expression than in upholding this Covenant” – Armed Forces Covenant.

What our Veterans & Supporters are saying...


"First of all a big personal thank you from me for the fantastic amount of interest that you caused for your project amongst our former Service Personnel.
 One of our pads, who is normally withdrawn and hardly talks to anyone, gained confidence within minutes of sitting down with you, [...] telling you of his experiences in Afghan', I thought that was truly amazing."


"The North West of England and the Isle Of Man Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association and Foot in the Door Films CIC are committed to ensuring we offer the best possible support to our Armed Forces family in Merseyside and the wider region."

"Foot in the Door's Films CIC voluntary pledge of mutual support between their organisation and the Armed Forces family in Merseyside is greatly valued."

Steve Wotherspoon,
Regional Employer Engagement Director



"Talking to veterans and letting those who have served get their stories across to the general public will help so much in raising awareness of our armed forces; how they protect our country and how their lives can change from serving and returning to civilian life post service.
How Foot in the Door Films are approaching this project is a great help to the veteran community and the wider public alike."

Mandy Sutton ~ British Legion Liverpool


156 Regiment RLC ~ @156RLCNW

 "Michelle for some reason you are the first person I've actually told my secrets to. I don't know why but it's just felt right, thank you very much. It really means a lot; feels like a big lift off my shoulders."




In Development

"Hidden Wounds"

is a 90 minute feature film which explores the stories of veterans and their families and will put soldiers back into work.




Executive Producer
Paul Morrissey

Michelle Billington

Peter Sinseeya