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Michelle Billington
Founder & Director

Hello, I’m Michelle and I am passionate about helping young people overcome their challenges in developing a career in film.

Through my own journey of personal and professional development, I have built up special relationships with community partners and professionals in the television, film, media and art sectors. As a result, I now help thousands of young people develop their talents and careers through innovative training and entry into these sectors.

The journey starts with us assessing your skills, career goals and the challenges that you are experiencing. We provide specialist training for entry into the film industry, and hands-on experience of film production in a chosen role such as actor, make-up artist, choreographer, script writer or film creator.

By learning from experienced professionals, we help you build your skills and confidence. As a Line Producer for leading productions, I learned the importance of professional support and trust in achieving career and entrepreneurial success.

The Award Winning Feature Film The Be All and End All Karlovy Vary FF - Winner Variety Critics Choice Award, Schlingel FF, Germany - Winner Best Youth Film, Monte Carlo Comedy FF - Winner of Best First Film, Washington DC FF - Winner of Best Feature Film, Durango, USA – Winner of Best Feature Film, Nashville – Winner of Best Narrative Feature, with Korean & UK Cinema & DVD release and Feature Film Don’t Worry About Me screened in Cinema’s across the UK and Screened on BBC2.

Paul Morrissey
Company Director


Hello, I’m Paul and I am a partner in Foot In The Door Films for training, membership and production. I am also passionate about helping young people develop a career in film by overcoming the barriers that they face.

I contribute through my experience and internationally-recognised expertise in Big Data Analytics Social Media and alternative Media distribution and transmission systems. As part of my work in the Design, Build and Operations of advanced Telecommunications and Web based enterprise organisations, I engage closely with VC’s to secure funding and drive these emerging entities to profit.

This experience and expertise includes specialism in digital film production, digital content distribution and social media engagement, employing cutting edge Big Data application, cost control methods, advanced project management applications and innovative digital distribution domains. We have successfully developed internationally recognised films including 'Don't Worry About Me' and 'The Be All and End All' and Datmoor Killing and digital television production such as Thorne (Sky 1). These digital assets have won international awards through entry into numerous prestigious film festivals.

Young people who engage in our training programmes gain entry to film production experiences as part of their career journey. Through membership of Foot In The Door Films, we assist young actors, film makers, and artists in sourcing casting agents, having their scripts considered, PR support, invitations to film premiers and listing on our Artistes or Film Crew Directory.

We also help young people wishing to develop a career in media or digital content distribution through industry connection. Being industry-aware is key and I contribute my experience as Chairman of several companies in the Big Data Analytics, Digital Content, Games and Wealth Management sectors and European and Entertainment Editor for the on-line publication TeleMediaStrategy.com.

Fiona Torrance
Company Director

Fiona Torrance joins FITDFilmsCIC in a consulting capacity, having successfully written bids, developed and delivered community engagement projects for Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, Office of the Police Crime Commissioner, First Utility Foundation and Big Lottery Awards4All. Fiona has contributed significantly in a self-employed capacity to digital inclusion for people with learning disabilities within Liverpool through successfully securing funding and training provision. Fiona was also a Project Partner for the Heritage Lottery funded “People Like Us” Project with Wicked Fish that exhibited within the Museum of Liverpool.

Fiona’s interest in Corporate Responsibility, Business Ethics, Technology/New Media and Fundraising stems from her research interests as a University of Southern California graduate. Her experience is in finance, bid writing, compliance/audit, Ethnography research methods, strategic planning, project development and delivery, data analysis and reporting. Fiona is in the final stage of PhD thesis re-submission through Liverpool John Moores University Humanities & Social Sciences following passing her Viva in 2016.

Underpinning Fiona’s work as a Consultant is her belief in creating social impact within community through the sharing and maximisation of social value. Fiona is passionate about FITD Film’s vision to grow Liverpool City Region Motion Picture, Video and Television Production sub-sector strategically and develop employment opportunities for disadvantaged people to increase their social value and economic contribution.

Leanne Dunne
Company Secretary

Leanne is an entrepreneur with an interest in developing the work of community interest companies. Leanne brings time-served experience and a diverse skill-set to Foot In The Door Films CIC that she has gained through global travel and work. These include running social media platforms, project management, managing financial transactions, and client advice. Leanne serves as FITDFilmsCIC representative, assisting the Directors with the governance of the organisation, along with strategic development and planning. Her role also involves updating the records at Companies House and managing the organisation's records.

Daisy Baglin
Volunteer, Hope University

Daisy is currently an undergraduate at Hope University Liverpool. Her academic focus is Creative Writing. At Foot In The Door Films CIC, Daisy contributes to research, promotional writing and service planning. Daisy's goal is to learn all aspects of a Community Interest Company so that she may use the skills to work in community not-for-profits and charities located in other countries in the future. She has volunteered as a Production Runner on films being produced by Foot In The Door Films. Daisy enjoys networking and communicating with company executives at business events attended by Foot In The Door Films.

Iona Fazor
Volunteer, Hope University

Iona is an undergraduate at Hope University Liverpool. She is exploring aspects of Creative Writing with an interest in developing content for Digital Media. At Foot In The Door Films CIC, Iona contributes to research, promotional writing and networking. She has volunteered as a Production Runner on films being produced by Foot In The Door Films. Iona's goal is to develop documentaries in future and her interest is to learn how a Community Interest Company develops projects that benefit the community.

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Louis Emerick, Actor
"Please get behind and give your support to Michelle Billingtons innovative project, “Foot in the Door Films” I’m supporting it 100%! Getting movies made in Merseyside by The people for The people!"

Suzanne Collins, Actress
"I am supporting Michelle Billington’s courage, goals and motivation to succeed with her new innovation for Liverpool. Please get behind Foot In The Door Films Community Interest Company. you can also be a founder of your child(s) success within our community"

Colin McKeown, TV Producer
"The initiative that Michelle is taking on is extremely important to the industry. Lots of films are being made and funded in lots of different ways. Social media has given birth to crowd funding and any investment, no matter how small is absolutely vital in sustaining the production of films. Let’s make Liverpool one of the best cities in the world to produce film in – please get behind this project."

Michael Stark, Actor
#FF @FootInTheDoorFilms
Please follow this great initiative.
Good people & good ideas. That’s better 😳

Dean Sullivan, Actor
"Making it happen for Liverpool in Liverpool for Liverpudlians… COUNT ME IN !!!"