“Our ambition is to ensure Liverpool City Region is able to deliver outstanding skills to underpin growth in our key sectors. To guarantee that residents and workers are equipped with the right skills, through developing existing talent and attracting new talent pivotal for sustainable growth”

Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership

Foot In The Door Films CIC support Liverpool LEP growth strategy for the Creative and Digital Sector and ‘Need for Change’ recommendations by:

Providing sub sector specialisation through training to meet the skill and experience level entry for motion picture, video and television production employment and enterprise.
Offering wider curriculum choices for pupils and students with schools, colleges, local community learning providers, and businesses to have the right balance and mix of provision to meet employment and enterprise demand in motion picture, video and television production sector.

We are registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers our Registration Number is UKPRN: 10055850

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Audition Technique Pitch Yourself Perfectly

Wondering why you are not getting auditions?

You won't find any audition technique program that can provide you with practical training and knowledge like ours that will guide you into a career acting.

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Enhancing employability into Film & TV Production

Addressing the needs of students engaged in courses of study at Liverpool universities, enhancing employability of under 25's in the Digital and Creative Sector who are currently under-represented.  offering alternate specialist training that may complement school curriculums in the Film & TV industry.

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Ambassadors & Sponsorship

Be part of something amazing, for people who want to be part of the world of film & TV  production and need your help towards training,

We need you to help us put a stop to modern day slavery and low-pay and no pay in Liverpool's local independent film & TV industry.

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