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As part of a the Big Film project delivered by FITD Films CIC, Michelle Billington Founder & Director will be producing 5 new films in Liverpool, Merseyside.

The national search is on for the next feature film star and big film script!

Hailing from Liverpool, Michelle setup FITD Films CIC to grow Liverpool’s independent movie production industry and give local talent a chance to thrive.

Michelle gives experience as a casting agent for popular TV productions such as Holly Oaks, The Crew, Sparkle and Casualty 1906 to 1909; and has line produced successful award -winning films such as The Be All And End All and Don’t Worry About Me, Directed by David Morrissey.

This innovative project aims to train and employ local people, and to boost Liverpool City Region’s growth in the Digital and Creative Sector.

“There is a wealth of untapped talent across the UK including raw talent with no or little experience of film. FITD Films CIC is offering artists throughout the UK the chance to showcase their talent and shine. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to audition, and artistes and crew to have active roles in Merseyside’s creative sector.” – Michelle Billington, Founder & Director FITD Films CIC

The aim is to screen at international film festivals and bring annual major film premiers to Liverpool that all can feel proud of. FITD Films CIC is a local Liverpool film production company with the goal of celebrating home-grown actors, growing the City’s creative industry, and putting Liverpool on the map!


The Reel Audition #Stage 1

Budding actors looking for their big break could be one step closer as Foot in the Door Films launches its national search for a new star.

In Development #Stage 2


In Pre-Production
12 Days in September
A 90 minute feature film

Producer & Writer Kerry Williams
Producer Michelle Billington
Director Leon Lopez
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In Development
Scotland Road
A 90 minute children's feature film

Producer & Writer Kerry Williams
Producer Michelle Billington
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In Development
Why Me?
A 90 Minute Dark Comedy Feature Film

Producer & Writer Kerry Williams
Producer Michelle Billington
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National Forces Day 24th June 17

In Development
Hidden Wounds
A 90 Minute Feature Film

Foot in Door Films Community Interest Company aims to provide education to employment (e2e) training and job opportunities for entry into the Film, Video, and TV Production Industry for military service men, women and their families.
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productions i have worked on Collage

In Development
90 minute feature film

Producer Michelle Billington
A film focusing on the horrors of domestic violence Based on true events, this film explores the subtle, yet damaging way domestic violence affects victims and their families.  Through emotional and physical manipulation 'Passive Aggressive' works to tell the stories of sufferers and with charities to ensure the true accuracy and representation.
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Sigh of the Sea
 In Development
Written by Rosa Fong
A 90 minute Feature Film based on true events
The feature film is scheduled for release in 2020 to coincide with the opening of Liverpool’s new China Town. It’s about the 1000 Chinese seamen who were forcibly sent back to China from Liverpool in 1946 without the knowledge of their English settled families. Most thought that they had died.  For more information


#Stage 3
Pre Production

#Stage 4

#Stage 5
Post Production

#Stage 6
Sales & Distribution

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