Budding actors looking for their big break could be one step closer as Foot in the Door Films launches its national search for a new star.

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Molly Davies - Actress

Michelle I would like to thank you for the advice you gave me at my audition.  I had a really good think and started writing a piece of my own.  It feels so much more comfortable and is the complete opposite being a comedy.  I really appreciate you taking the time to advise me on trying different techniques and would love to see you again once this is written and show you what I'm really capable of.

Jane Barnes - Actress

Jemma thoroughly enjoyed today and thank you for the excellent feedback and advise in her audition.  She came away with a positive smile on her face!

Kevin Pulford - Actor
I was really nice to be invited into Michelle's auditions and be able to represent the, ahem "older actor! I thought Michelle's assistants Fiona and Iona deserve a mention as well, they seemed very focused but fun (they laughed at my silliness anyway, I goofed on one line and could kick myself.  I sincerely hope Michelle's innovative approach in finding a new star is successful and brings FITDfilmsCIC success as well.

Best wishes to you all


P.S Well said Carly G

Carly Grimes - Actress

I just want to say thank you.  At first I was really nervous, but Michelle made me feel relaxed and confident enough to just try my best.  I feel am good at acting but need a little guidance and Michelle gave me good advice.  She said project your voice more and to only do an American accent when asked to do one.  I really came out buzzing and if I don't get to join the team I just want to say thanks again for the advice and your time, also I love the fact that scousers are actually getting some chance to, we are actually talented and passionate about what we do, we are hungry for the chance to shine and this just proves that our city will get the break it deserves and not for the wrong reasons for the right reasons.


Written by Kerry Williams
In development
A 90 minute children's feature film

Scotland Rd is one of the most famous and notorious roads in Liverpool. Full of characters and drama.  The film captivates this perfectly, using child actors as the spoof gangsters and business men, who are trying to earn a living anyway they know how!
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Hidden Wounds
In Development
90 Minute Feature Film

Foot in Door Films Community Interest Company aims to provide education to employment (e2e) training and job opportunities for entry into the Film, Video, and TV Production Industry for military service men, women and their families.

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In Development
Written by Kerry Williams
A film about cancer?  Cancer isn't fussy, it targets who it wants and when it wants. On hearing the news, Cancer sufferers are often burdened with uncertainty and disbelief and a cloud of fog shadows there every thought!

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productions i have worked on Collage

 In Development
90 minute feature film
A film focusing on the horrors of domestic violence Based on true events, this film explores the subtle, yet damaging way domestic violence affects victims and their families.  Through emotional and physical manipulation 'Passive Aggressive' works to tell the stories of sufferers and with charities to ensure the true accuracy and representation.
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Sigh of the Sea
 In Development
Written by Rosa Fong
A 90 minute Feature Film based on true events
The feature film is scheduled for release in 2020 to coincide with the opening of Liverpool’s new China Town. It’s about the 1000 Chinese seamen who were forcibly sent back to China from Liverpool in 1946 without the knowledge of their English settled families. Most thought that they had died.  For more information