The Garden of Eden, Shankly Hotel, Liverpool


Movie Producer Michelle Billington will be holding her next session of auditions at The Garden of Eden, The Shankly Hotel, Millennium House, 60 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6JD on the 24th October from 12pm – 6pm.

Please email an up to date CV and an audition time will be sent to you

We ask that everyone prepares a 2 minute film monologue (no theatre monologue) one that best suits the perfect role for you.

Written by Kerry Williams


WHY ME? 90 minute Feature Film,
Because there is more to life than medicine
It targets who it wants and wen it wants, on hearing the news, sufferers are often burdened with uncertainty and disbelief and a cloud of fog shadows there every thought.


Character Male (lead/secondary role) aged 16 to 69 Male he is a unique character that people aspire to be, he has his ups and downs in what suits this persons best personalities. (this is an open role the search is on for the next big actor, If you feel you do not fit any of the characters below but has what it takes to be The Next Big Actor, this role is for you)

Character Female (lead/secondary role) aged 16 to 69 she has her own unique style, she has her troubles along the way but turns out to be a character that most look up to. (this is an open role the search is on for the next big actor, if you feel you do not fit any of the character below but has what it takes to be The Next Big Actor, this role is for you)

Johnny Jameson, Male (lead) 45 years old, divorced, two kids who don’t want to see him, his divorce was a bitter one, he is down to earth, does a bit of stand up, naturally funny, see’s the joke in everything, positive, a good guy all round

Glenda, Female (lead) 54 big hearted, full of life, with three grown up children who she still does everything for, her husband’s so used to her doing everything he has become bone-idle, she is selfless and never complains, Glenda never puts herself first.

Jan, Female (lead) aged 67 years old, looks a lot like a vicars wife but is tough on the inside, lived in the country most of her life, a widow, no make up, Jan is an up and out kinda women, pance and a shirt, lost her femanity a bit along the way, a strong independent lady

David male aged 71, widower, lost his wife to cancer and lost his way, he has never got over the death of his wife, purely because he is stuck in a rut

Vivien, Female (lead) aged 36 eccentric, she wears a head scarf and long flowing clothes, a hippy type, very dramatic (funny) without knowing it, a real character

Sissy aged 50 (lead) fragile lives by the book, she is married but the marriage is stale and ran its course

Julie, Female, mid-forties a nurse over worked under paid, knows the whole routine a bit to well and does everything by the book, does not like change, exhausted and has been in the job for far to long


Written by Rosa Fung


SIGH OF THE SEA. 90 minute Feature Film, scheduled for release in 2020 1000 seamen who were forcibly sent back to China without the knowledge of their English settled families, most thought that they had died


ANNA-MAY WILLIAMS (b. 1946, age 60) ANNA-MAY WILLIAMS is 60 but appears younger than her years.  Lithe, with a restlessness that matches her enquiring mind, she is always on the go. The consummate social butterfly, she knows many people, but they never really know her.  Even her appearance is elusive, with her dark hair and completion people never know if she’s Spanish, Black Irish or Italian.  Travelling the world as a photojournalist means just as people form a bond with her she’s off on another assignment. She has an open generous face, but behind her smile lurks an emptiness that comes from her inner demons.


ELLA WILLIAMS (b.1973 age 32) Mixed race Angolan and English ELLA WILLIAMS, is Anna May’s daughter, born in Angola, South West Africa. She could be mixed race because of where she was born, but she should have a good singing voice. She will probably have sung in a gospel choir when she was a kid. Someone like Rebecca Ferguson comes to mind.

COLETTE SAMUELS (62) English with a local accent.  Anna May’s older adoptive sister. She is the strong dependable sister and the glue that ties the family together. Unlike Anna May, she didn’t feel the need to spread her wings and never moved out of Liverpool. She married Paul when she was quite young, but they never had children of their own. Perhaps because of this is why she readily agreed to be a surrogate mother to Anna May’s daughter Ella.

JOHNNY MA (40s) Chinese man with a local accent. Local radio DJ. Johnny is charming, upbeat and genuinely interested in the local Chinese community.

JOHN PETAL (67) Eurasian/ Mixed Chinese and English. is a mild-mannered man who speaks with a soft Lancashire accent. He called the radio station because his Chinese father also disappeared in 1946.

MR SOO, (90) Chinese with Cantonese accent, and a smattering of scouse.  A spritely old Chinese scouser. Charming and well liked. He is known to the local Chinese as ‘Dai lo’ or Big boss, because he knows everything there is to know about the Liverpool Chinese community. In his younger years he was the foreman on the Blue Funnel line as he spoke both English and Chinese.

NUI AN (50) Chinese with a Shanghi accent.  Nui An has all the grace and sophistication of a Shanghainese woman. Elegant and beautiful, she is Sang Dai Sam’s daughter from his second marriage in China and Anna May and Jimmy’s half sister.

ELDERLY EURASIAN (Chinese/ English) CHARACTERS 60-70 years old.  Rita, Doreen and Thomas all live and grew up in Liverpool so they speak with a local accent.

SHELLY (22) Shelly has been assigned to be Anna May’s personal assistant for the duration of the exhibition. A recent graduate, she is an intern for the photographic gallery where Anna May is having a retrospective of her life’s work.

GARY (30s) Arty looking director of the photographic gallery. He is of that generation of people who have grown up to be risk adverse. So whilst he is well-read in art history, controversy makes him a bit nervous.

PAUL SAMUELS (68) Paul is Colette’s husband. An affable man and well known in the community because of his history of being a big player in the Liverpool music scene in the 60s.

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