FITD Films CIC inspired by “In Conversation with… Kim Cattrall”

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On 26 September 2017 Kim Cattrall came to Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral to talk about her extraordinary life and career to a limited audience in the Crypt. Michelle Billington, Founder and Director of FITD Films CIC was one of the attendees of “In Conversation with… Kim Cattrall” , a conversation between Kim and Prof. Phil Scraton, whose work focuses on abuses of state power, social justice and human rights.

Professor Phil Scraton is known to many for his role in heading the research team for Hillsborough’s Independent Panel and as author of Hillsborough: The Truth. Members of the audience were given opportunities to ask questions of both speakers. The purpose of the event was also to fundraise for the Young Everyman Playhouse programme that gives young actors, producers, writers, technicians, marketers and directors career opportunities. The event was filmed by Sky Arts.

Kim is known to Liverpool for her role in Cleopatra at the Everyman Playhouse in 2010, and to the world through her Global Globe-winning creation of Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones. See her interview with Paul O’Grady on YouTube. Kim is a role model to women in the film and tv production industry, and is living proof of Liverpool’s diverse talent. About 6 months before the launch of FITD Films CIC, we met with Kerry Williams about developing her script for a potential production about living with cancer called Why Me? Our ‘wish list’ of prominent actors from Liverpool included David Morrissey, Daniel Craig, Lisa Tarbuck and Kim Cattrall. It’s always been Michelle’s plan to bring back into the city well known actors who have come from the region and started their early careers in Liverpool.  It was therefore surrendipidous that Kim came to do this talk in Liverpool where Michelle could speak with her about the local film industry needs. Michelle says: “I am a big believer in the law of attraction, and would love to speak further with Kim Cattrall about the Why Me? script’s development”.

In being a significant pioneer of developing Liverpool’s own film production industry, Michelle setup FITD Films CIC with the aim of developing up to three independent film productions a year in Liverpool to give local actors and crew opportunities to develop their careers on home ground and to shine in films – such as Don’t Worry About Me, produced by David Morrissey and Line Produced by Michelle Billington, and The Be All and End All starring Liza Tarbuck that was also line produced by Michelle Billington.

FITD Films CIC are proud to announce that auditions for the Why Me? will be held on the 24th October at the Garden of Eden, The Shankly Hotel, Liverpool. Anyone interested in supporting the production or auditioning, please email Artistes who are interested in being part of our TALENT DIRECTORY, please get in touch too!


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