@FITDFilmsCIC showcase some of Day 3 artistes auditioning to be the UK’s top star!

August 11, 2017 Michelle 1 comment

Gary is semi-retired artiste and has worked as an army medic and police officer. He has a passion for acting and poetry. Previously, Gary has done extra work in Holly Oaks and played varied roles such as an inmate, an alcoholic, a vicar party goer, and a raunchy pervert in ‘twisted angels’. Gary’s journey includes being a gallery educator at the Tate and completing a course in performing arts at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA).

Lee’s experience includes being a background artiste and he works as a delivery driver to fund his real passion, which is acting. Lee also has a love for playing guitar and singing, and he is a qualified Archer.

“Working as a background artiste, I discovered how much I really enjoy being on set and being involved in a production. I found how comfortable I felt in front of a camera and really do feel it’s my calling!”

Keep an eye on @FITDFilmsCIC where you can watch THE REEL AUDTION of these artistes on YouTube TV.

1 Comment on “@FITDFilmsCIC showcase some of Day 3 artistes auditioning to be the UK’s top star!

  1. Just want to say thanks to Michelle for giving me the opportunity to audition.
    It was a great experience and I hope to work with you and your team soon.
    All my very best.

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